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How to start as an Investor in eTradeDirect?

You can go to CONTACT from Here to leave us your personal data.

An advisor will contact you shortly for personalized attention.

You can also complete your REGISTRATION from Here to start earning with your Investment Plan.

I want to participate, what should I do?

Know the Investment Plans by Clicking Here

Complete the Registration Form by Clicking Here

Know the Terms and Conditions Here

How is the Data Verification?

To start in eTradeDirect and in compliance with current laws, you will be asked to prove that you are over 18 years of age with current documents and signature of the LPOA (Power of Attorney legally) power of attorney document authorizing us to manage your capital.

How to deposit funds?

Once your data has been verified, the support team will contact you through your provided email to provide you with a Btc wallet where you can send your contribution in Bitcoin.

If you want to buy Bitcoin you must do it through Legal and Authorized Companies . Click here

How are funds withdrawn?

The returns that are generated from your participation are automatically received each month's closing in your registered Bitcoin Wallet and for the withdrawals of contributions made, the support team is requested in writing.

How do I participate if I don't have Bitcoin?

Our support / contact team will provide you with different means to acquire your Cryptocurrencies, depending on your profile.

What is the permanence commitment?

It is important to mention that in eTradeDirect  THERE IS NO PERMANENCE COMMITMENT , at any time you can request the withdrawal of your contributions and accumulated returns.


You will receive it once the current month of operations has closed.

What are the Management and Administration fees?

There is a payment platform commission of the  2%  on your contributions at the time of sending them, and another of 1% applicable at the time of withdrawing them.


The returns that are obtained are free of commission at the time of receiving them.

Can current situations in the markets affect the participation fund?

Given the High Frequency Trading system that our teams use, it is very hardly affected by the state of the markets, since they use very short operations and never put at risk beyond the  10%  From the bottom.

You have more questions?
Visit the eTradeDirect Help Center for more information.

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