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Increase your
through Strategic Stock Operations


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Foreign exchange

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that gives you COMPOUND INTEREST





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Our mission:
Protect, Invest and Maximize your Assets


You have a professional team that gives you advice,
support and continuous monitoring

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Need help?

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No deadlines
you always have
of your

From any device

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e TradeDirect is a Technological Intelligence System

of the Actius Corporate Financial Group that promotes investment funds within the Securities Markets, with high returns at low risks.




In eTradeDirect We offer our Clients and Associates an Investment project related to blockchain technology, Bitcoin digital currency and cryptographic assets.

We work through strategic alliances with the best international Brokers and Traders , operating in the stock markets with the HFT High Frequency Trading system   (higt frequency trading).


Investors in the Fund benefit from our access and diligence to these revolutionary systems, with our approach based on capital, technology, economics, and developer theory and practice.


Our unique understanding of space and the connections developed to have priority access to particular deals are due to the connected platforms that serve as the foundation for many other projects.


We understand the cyclical nature of these markets, which gives us the ability to actively trade short (SHORT) and take advantage of stock inefficiencies faster than individuals who invest long (LONG).


The relationships we have developed within the space have given us exclusive access to the deal stream, and with the era of ordinary people entering EtradeDirect, this creates another great opportunity for our firm to capitalize as well.


  P or what our background




It has been a long time in the search for the best team of Brokers and Trading , in order to be able to offer our Clients and Associates the best investment alternative within the financial markets, and today we can say that they have been found and tested with extraordinary results.

In current times, it is already known to everyone that technology sets us at a very fast pace to follow when we want to be at the forefront of opportunities. G hanks to the efforts of Actius Corporate Financial Groups as we can make the opportunities available to anyone as EtradeDirect where winning is possible without high knowledge and risks are highly controlled.

Being participants of the EtradeDirect investment fund automatically turns us into Investors to secure our future, thanks to the experience of the advisors of the Actius Corporate Financial Group and its Commercial alliance with liquidity providers we can make it the best economic strategy, in order to to get the most out of our Capitals.

The EtradeDirect Project brings with it an ambitious roadmap that all participants will learn as they progress, financing in turn other diversified alternative projects in different markets, so that returns come from multiple sources, thus guaranteeing the success of our liquidity.

Now and Always is the time to make a decision and join the EtradeDirect community.

We are waiting!

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Authorized Financial Group
as a public limited company
Investment Promoter

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Strict Privacy.
We will never share
your personal information
without your permission

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Highly qualified team
to advise you on everything

Be an Investor
it was never so easy !

The purpose of eTradeDirect by Actius Corporate
is to help Investorsto minimize risks and promote
growth opportunities, taking them to another level
diversified strategic investments .

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