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2,500 USD


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Estimated earnings
30% to 60%

Participation Plan

for initial users

without the need for prior knowledge.


Brokers and Traders  operate and manage the funds through a “Pool”profile where they accumulate profits and disperse them equally at each month-end.

Without minimum permanence conditions, the user can request the FREE withdrawal of his capital at any time, receiving it in a maximum of 48 / 72 hours.

Possibility of obtaining the benefit of the Compound Interest with the yields.

Possibility of receiving returns through our MasterCard-eTradeDirect card  (upon request).   Information here

Personalized attention of technical support and administration via telephone or WhatsApp.

Deposits and Withdrawals by BTC  Y  USDT

Transfer Deposits

Administrative support for account management

Cryptocurrency Buy-Sell Service

Access to opportunities and promotions of the Actius Financial Group .

Free tax advice and training.

Currency of use BITCOIN, for Capital inflows and outflows (Crypto-Friendly System) to prevent volatility with account estimated in US dollars USD.

No Administrative Fees

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Compound interest


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You need help?

Your money WORKING   from day one,
with Investment Plans  
made to measure

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