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$ 100



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Our MISSION   it is
the Assets of our Clients


Estimated earnings
30%  to 60%

Non-profit participation charity plan 

for altruists motivated by social change through effective causes managed by foundations, NGOs  (Non-governmental organizations) and Civil Associations (CA) exhaustively selected.

e TradeDirect  operates and manages the funds through a “Pool” profile where it accumulates the profits and disperses them 100% at each end of the current month to the selected foundations, to support their projects aimed at social assistance.


Condition of minimum permanence of 6 months (180 days) and the user can request the withdrawal of their contributed capital after said period, receiving it in a maximum of 48/72 hours or keeping it indefinitely.


Detailed report of the balance of the charity account and monthly returns, sent by email to each donor, attaching proof of transfers and receipts from the foundations,  for the monitoring and verification of good practices.


Personalized support and administration attention.


Free tax advice and training.


Use currency BITCOIN, for capital inflows and outflows (Crypto-Friendly System) to prevent volatility with an account estimated in US dollars USD.


Administrative charges:  

By eTradeDirect.

GIVE MUCH ... Without giving ANYTHING

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You need help?

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Your money WORKING   from day one,
with Investment Plans  
made to measure

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